Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Dear friends,
I have the terrible habit of comparing my size to other people. i am so aware of being a big person and often look at the size of other people and am often critical. I am trying to stop it and appreciate people for who they are.
Do you compare your self to others with size?
lots of love from susan in australia


Andy Laighleis said...

The only time that I compared my size to others was when I was in law enforcement and had to make an arrest. The others size, attitude, and reason for arrest would determine the amount of force that I might have been required to use.

There will always be other who are more intelligent/less intelligent, more/less attractive etc., then us so why compare. The Creator made each of us as unique beings, with our own life purpose

From one of my favorite philosophers and mystics,

Lao Tzu says: “Accept yourself. Non-acceptance is the root of all the trouble.”
"None of us accept ourselves. The more a person doesn’t accept himself, the greater a mahatma he looks to others to be. We are our greatest enemy. If we had our way, we would cut ourselves to pieces in order to remove what was unacceptable."
~ Osho

Cheers Andy

Anonymous said...

Dear Susan,

I think Andy has summed it up very well.

A quote I think of often when out shopping (and looking for frocks that don't require a waist line) is from one of my favourite philosphers - Edwina from Absolutley Fabulous "The sausage shape comes to us all darling"
have another glass of bubbly, and take care of yourself.