Friday, February 3, 2012

Not set in concrete

Dear friends,
I had my usual fortnightly massage and my face was hurting from lying on my stomach and the masseuse said at the end I didn't seem to enjoy it as much. we discussed how we could change it and I realised i had set in concrete how the massage would go each week not realising I could change it around each time. do you set things in concrete and forget to change and vary things?
lots of love from susan in australia

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Andy Laighleis said...

There are many things that we do that seem to be set in stone, always going the same way on the drive to work, the same way to your office, etc. We become comfortable and do not like change, even when we can understand that change is needed to grow. No change, no growth, no growth one becomes stagnated and the eventually die; either physically, emotionally or creatively.

I will do both, sometimes the same routine and other times off for a new adventure or experience.