Sunday, January 3, 2010


Dear friends,
I have a morning ritual of lighting a candle, prayers, meditation,yoga and then my emails and computering for the day. Do you have any daily rituals?

Lots of love from susan in australia


Anonymous said...

Hi Susan, how are you feeling after your fall?
Michelle (from CC) xx

Susan Hosken said...

Michelle, Thanks for asking about my fall. I am still not able to walk far on my knees the way they are. I am hoping they will improve.

Lots of love from susan in australia

Margie said...

Yes, rituals have been on my mind lately too. It's easy to dismiss them but maybe they help keep us sane and feet-on-the-ground in our daily lives. I even posted on the topic last night! I do love your optimism and how you post with such honesty. I wish you a full and happy 2010.

Susan Hosken said...

knees much improved but still not hundred percent particularly left knee. Had Xrays done
and all clear