Friday, January 22, 2010


Dear friends, When I am in my zippy, up phase of my mental illness I am always full of enthusiasm and ablaze with ideas and things to do. My life feels so full and complete. When I am quiet and down it is harder to have enthusiasm and that is when I need to draw on my friends, family, my journals for inspiration. Are you an enthusiastic person? What helps your enthusiasm/

Lots of love from susan in australia


Margie said...

What a wonderful picture of you,
Susan! Wish I were at the beach too. When I am down, I don't exercise and stop taking photos. It isn't til later I see how those things were a sign I was getting depressed. If exercise and seeing creatively lose their meaning... in my case it may mean more sleep or a day off or to talk to somebody. Sharing ideas is a big part of it. Once the camera and I are out walking, enthusiasm returns.

Susan Hosken said...

Margie, Wish we could be at the beach together. You have been such a faithful friend here. Wish we could email together. You are such a support to me.
lots of love from susan in australia