Sunday, September 23, 2007

Letting go ...surrendering

Dear friend,
I was inspired by Claude to chop up one of my Oprah magazines...but which one...I chose Letting go and surrendering. I read a few of the articles and realised how controlling I am as a person with all my lists and agendas and have tos. I get so stressed out at times ... often....I need to lighten up and let go and surrender to the Divine energy. Started as of yesterday....spooky feeling letting the day unfold rather than as a timetabled event. Of course I have had relaxing days in the past but they are usually holidays not how I usually live. As of now I literally surrender...I'm giving up the battle of trying to achieve so much and let my life unfold. What a revelation.

Lots of love from Susan in Australia
PS This will make a huge change in how I treat my mood swings....hopefully a bit more going with the flow rather than controlling


juj said...

I really like this - I'm glad you got up the courage to chop up your magazine. It looks like one of those little flags you see in front of businesses and houses - this one seems to be announcing a place where I could pop in and let go of everything I carry around but shouldn't. ( btw - Let me know if this place really exists! I'll be there post haste! lol)

Susan Hosken said...

I went with the flow in 2010 and doing the same with love for 2011