Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Being still

Dear friend,
For more than 25 years I have walked an hour a day on a meditation walk where I let go of my concerns and worries and meditate. Now I am retired I walk to the beach and back. Occasionally a friend comes with me or my family and they always suggest stopping on the way for a rest and a chat. The other day I thought why don't I ever stop on my walks and be I've started doing just that. It is a fascinating and surprising experience. I never realised how busy I am always doing something. I am finally learning to be still. I am doing the same with bubble baths where I don't read anymore I just lie and relax.

Lots of love from Susan in Australia

PS I am in a zippy up mode as it is another full moon and I am usually up before dawn and busy, busy, busy. I am looking at ways to enjoy the New moon time when I am usually oversleeping and doing very little. i find these times more difficult to manage.


Margie said...

I have been visiting you occasionally without speaking, but wanted to offer my encouragement. I get a lot from the EDM group too. I was looking through your drawings and like the cup you did with the cats. I was thinking,"I wish I had a cup like that," and then realized that as an artist I can draw the cup I would like to have, without really having the cup! That's one of the wonderful things about being artists: we may not have or get everything we want, but we have the ability to make anything we want (like expressing the feeling of "being still") because of our ability to make the imaginary real.

Susan Hosken said...

I believe every human being is an artist doing exactly as you said making the imaginary real.
Lots of love from Susan in Australia

Susan Hosken said...

I am doing walks every few days as part of my personal trainer program