Saturday, October 30, 2010

Gratitude for Sooty

Dear friends,
I had my beloved cat Sooty for 13 years. She was a stray and feral although I didn't realise. She wasn't very affectionate but would come on my bed every night to be with me. She died a few years ago and I still miss her like today. I have had a few pets but have none now except the neighbours cat and I will talk about him in another gratitude. Meanwhile I am grateful to have known Sooty. Tell me about the loss of your pet(s) and your gratitudes.
lots of love from susan in australia

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kraftykkitten said...

Gee Susan,
We have much in common. I recently had to have my old dog "Chicki" put down, she was 13 yrs old and had lost the use of her back legs not all the time but occasionally and it would only have gotten worse, I still feel like a murderer, but I think and on the Vet's advice we did the right thing.

She came to us a little bundle or terror, she was 6 month old and I got her for my 30th birthday I wanted a poodle and got a Chichuha crossed pomeranian. Well she was uncontrollable and yet soemthing in her little face told me she was meant to be mine and it took 4 adults to capture this tiny little bundle who could if she chose (which she did NOT) to sit in the palm of my hand.
It took me three months of constant touching and weedling with her to get her friendly and still she hated the kids and yet I knew that I could befriend her and make her mine and so I did. That Christmas she's escaped the house and got hit by a car and we rushed her to the vet and they said they'd try to fix her but it was unlikely that she'd live through the night, I've never cried so much in my life! Not only did she live but she fought hard and finally they said she was mostly blind from the accident and they sent her home to die, because they said the bills would be HUGE so she came home in a washing basket and somehow she managed to get herself better and even better than that with our care she bonded finally to me and so well that she never again left my side. She was always a little fighter and a few years back a fox came into the back yard and attacked her and the vets again marvelled at how she's survived and patched her up and sent her home and said "it's like a grandmother being bashed and robbed- she'll take some time to heal and will never again be quite the same" she lost the use of one eye and walked with a limp and was from then on called "Chicki fox fighter" she was protecting HER chickens!
So over the years we've learnt alot about life from loving Chicki and she will always be a part of our family. I am grateful that the higher powers lead her to me and that I was able to share her life with her for 13 wonderful years. We shared a divorce, the birth of two children- plus she helped raise the rest, the remarriage and the making of a blended family and the arrival of several other animals to out home. And we will always love our "Chicki Fox Fighter"