Monday, October 18, 2010

Gratitude for morning text from a friend

Dear friends,
Every morning I get up I am welcomed by a text from my closest girl friend. I live alone and it is such a comfort to me. Do you have someone who welcomes you to your day and or do you welcome someone else to their day?
Lots of love from susan in australia ♥♥


Gea said...

Dear Susan,
You are so right! Just a short "have a nice day" can change the way I get up in the morning. It makes me very happy and the feeling stays all day.
Gea (from Holland)

Susan Hosken said...

J.s texts me most days. SPR has her new phone so back texting me. i am so glad. we had 6 months of not much texting. learnt to depend on myself and J.s