Sunday, October 3, 2010

Gratitude for I Ching

Dear friends,
I am grateful I am finally anointed to do iChing. It has been a mystery for me until yesterday and I finally threw my first real reading. It was awesome. The adventure begins in earnest. I have a master book on the iChing and a lovely japanese purse with my coins in. I am so pleased. As many of you would know I love oracles and have done the runes for years. The runes are a much simpler oracle for me. I also do tarot which is a little harder for me but still easy. The runes are very poetic and I find poetry very challenging to get the deeper meaning.
Do any of you do iChing?
lots of love from susan in australia


Mary said...

oh goodness! I just laughed and laughed...I misread the title and thought it said "Gratitude for ITCHING"...I wondered if you had a rash....giggling.. I've never learned the I-Ching - perhaps one day I will.

Anonymous said...

I too thought you were talking about itching. Funny how one reads what they think they see.
I Ching is very different from itching indeed LOL
In Joy

Susan Hosken said...

A comment from mary. she has misunderstood so many things I have written over time
I wonder if nancy it the CCS nancy