Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Not accepting my mental illness

Dear friend,
I went to my counsellor yesterday and we ended up talking about how I don't fully accept having a mental illness. I argued with him briefly but realised he is right. I came home heavy laden. I am not sure how to go about accepting my mental illness fully.
I still get really cranky because I can't travel far. I am certainly financially restrained although I don't often mention it I am aware of my penny pinching. I get upset because I sleep in so much and need so much sleep when I am a bit flatter. I get a bit upset when friends and family remind me I am a bit up at the moment or a bit flat.
Yes I have some homework to do on accepting my mental illness.
Do you accept your life with its limitations?
lots of love from susan in australia


AnnetteVille said...

I can certainly identify with your comments!!! It took me several YEARS to accept my mental illness and the fact that many doctors agreed I needed to leave work and be on disability. I am able to do some part-time work at home now and like you I also have "travel" issues. The blessing has come with "coming-out-of-the-mental-illness-closet."

Susan Hosken said...

I am much better now accepting my mental illness and the limitations. June was saying how nice Melbourne is as a city without the crowds. i am so pleased I am here and can enjoy it with the chauffeur. I have a great life even with the sleeping. i keep thinking of the next step to take