Saturday, January 17, 2009

Another motel visit

dear friend,
As you know I go to a motel once a month to get used to traveling. I went again to a motel 10 minutes from home. I took all my art materials and did collages and art work. I did crochet and read and watched TV in the evening. I went to the local shops and saw an aquarium shop, went to a gem shop and bought a crystal and a beautiful shell and some things for bracelet making. I had Indian takeaway and had pancakes and bacon and maple syrup in the dining room for breakfast. I had a great time away. It gives me a break from home and I really feel I am on an adventure.
I have been a bit zippy this cycle. The house was full of activities and lists of things to do. I am tidying up these past couple of days trying to create order from the chaos. Been buying a few things too. Nothing I don't need assuming a crystal and shell are OK and I bought other things.
Would you ever go to a motel overnight near home?
lots of love from susan in australia

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Susan Hosken said...

Planning on going to Langham while sally is away in NY. will have to see how I go in next zippy phase during October