Saturday, December 20, 2008

Less TV

Dear friend,
I used to watch a lot of TV in the evenings and during the day. As I have become more creative particularly with my artists journals I am watching TV less. I don't put music on either. I love the peace and quiet and communing and chatting to God while I do my art and go about my life.
Do you do much creatively? Do you watch a lot of TV? Do you enjoy silence? Do you chat to God?
lots of love from susan in australia


Mar said...

i do not tv much...i do like music on tho...but i like quiet too
i receive a lot inspiration from lyrics but i receive as much from quiet conversation as well...definitely not from tv though!

Anonymous said...

mainly I just talk to myself.


Jan Post said...

Hi Susan, I found your blog from Milande and read back through many of your posts. I too, suffer from depression and mood swings, but my doctor put me on some good medications that really help. I have chronic low back pain and some allergies so I take meds for different things, and am pretty steady most of the time.

My mom suffered greatly from Paranoia, Schizophrenia and BiPolar Disorder. When she started to feel better, she would go off her medications. I know I will be on mine for a long long time. She too, had many physical ailments. I think that is where so much depression starts, when we don't have answers and we hurt.

I get overwhelmed largely by my own messes that I make. I think I can do LOTS of things so there are projects, books, magazines to read, paper stacks everywhere, and always something in progress that needs to be cleaned up.

Our oldest daughter and her 5yr old son and 2 yr old daughter also live with us and have been here two years already. The noise bothers me some, especially since I work where there is music I don't like, whining children, and lots of talking going on all the time. I like to lock myself in my art room and be left alone with my own thoughts..."good company", my dad would always say!

I like to be where it's quiet. I don't watch too much TV any more, but it's there if I want it. Sometimes I have music, sometimes not. Like you I enjoy the communing with God and listening for His prompts through the Holy Spirit. I am better than I used to be about hearing those prompts and doing something about them! Do you go to any kind of church? We belong to a very nice one and work with children. It seems to be a church where there is a place for everyone, no matter what t heir circumstances are.

I love that you always ask a question on your blog posts. Good Idea!

I'll be back!
Jan P

KathrynAntyr said...

TV is a huge distraction. I do love movies but I avoid sitcoms, news, and those gossipy programs. For me I find my happy place is where I create. Journaling is where I find my voice and my happy place.

Susan Hosken said...

4 comments how cool is that and one from Kathryn. I don't watch TV much at all in the day and like mum I often can't account for what i do with myself. i am so pleased that time passes so well nowadays and that I am not so scared of it as when I first met Marilyn. god bless marilyn