Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Blood test

Dear friend,
Just went for a blood test for my thryroid. it reminded me of all the blood tests I've had in the past with lithium and my mental illness. I'm not on lithium now. It didn't work for me and my rapid cycling.
I'm in another flat phase of my cycle. Often don't blog when I am flat. Less ideas to talk about.
lots of love from susan in australia


Anonymous said...

Hi Susan,

Thanks for reminding me that I've got to have another blood test done. It's mainly about iron levels, not thyroid function this time.

It'll have to wait until after Christmas, I've ended up taking on a fair bit in the next couple of weeks.

Are you feeling Christmassy yet?


Susan Hosken said...

It is nice reading Rosemary's comment. Happy memories. it was nice becoming friends with her after all that time. I take one tab for thyroid now which is great. Much easier. Healers have been working on my thyroid.