Saturday, December 13, 2008

Being led by the Spirit

Dear friend,
So far with my blog I rarely speak about God. God or a Divine power have always been very central in my life. Sometimes more central than others. I have been praying for more peace in my life particularly with time on my own. Over the past 6 years I have been finding it very hard at times to spend time with myself peacefully particularly when I am in a quieter mood and not zippy.
In the past few days i have been led to a greater understanding of God and am finding I am being led by the Spirit (God) in even the smallest details of my life. If I am unsure about something I am asking the Spirit for advice. i am being Spirit led in a greater way than I have in the past.
Do you believe in God or a Higher power? Are you Spirit led?
lots of love from susan in australia


DJ said...

Yes, my friend, I am definitely Spirit-led. I love the Holy Trinity with all my heart. The Father, the Son, & the Holy Ghost. They are my all in all...Glad to know you share that power. Glad to know we'll see each other in Heaven.
Love & Laughter

Mar said...

ain't it the truth!!!

Susan Hosken said...

How nice to see DJ in heaven. I am better once again listening to God. I am more conscious and back praying about it. Better when I have time alone at going one little step at a time