Sunday, September 28, 2008

Self acceptance

I have been having some huge lessons this week about my self esteem and self acceptance. I find it really hard to accept that I am a complicated, messy, chaotic person. I'd like to be simple, serene, orderly, calm but I'm not most of the time. I am realising life is a whole lot better when I accept who i am and love myself. I don't know how much of my mess and chaos is because of my mental illness and how much is my personality. Does it matter.
One thing I don't do is accept that I have a mental illness. How do I do that? How do I accept that I have a mental illness that affects the way I think.
See you tomorrow
Lots of love from susan in australia
PS I have discovered my personal style of art....yes you guessed it is complicated, messy and chaotic....that's part of me not all of me.


Margie said...

Welcome back, Susan. I've been peeking to see if you were posting and tonight, here you are! Your new, messy and chaotic art...I can't wait to see some of it. Tonight I took a bottle out to my patio and chalk-painted its moon shadow in colored chalk, just for fun. Pretty messy. In the morning the whole idea will probably seem silly but who cares? I took pictures.

Susan Hosken said...

i realise i am much more calm and serene and orderly than I think. I have changed a lot. things are organised at the moment. the dishes need doing but that is normal.