Saturday, April 16, 2011


Dear friends,
My daily blogging got farther and farther apart and am not doing it now and don't feel inclined to start again at present. it has run its course again.
I have left my personal trainer and still only able to do 15 minute walk with my back being out. my masseuse is still sick and I am going back to old masseuse next month.
Life on the computer has changed and rarely comment on CCS now. I am still processing these changes.
Time for my last email and shower and off for my walk.
had a misunderstanding with a friend i normally see on a sunday. it is strange the directions life takes.
some days i am scared........
lots of love from susan in australia


Chris Flynn said...

I just want to send you some blessings and good thoughts from the Redwoods of California.
Sweet Blessings to you

Linda Raymond said...

Lots of love to you Susan.