Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Dear friends,
I have knitted ever since I learnt as a young child and made a tea cosy. i have knitted scarves, jumpers, jackets, cardigans, socks, bedsocks, baby and children wear. Do you knit or did you knit? what have you knitted?
lots of love from susan in australia


apt-walker said...

Oh, another favorite activity that I haven't done much with since starting up with paper arts/ rubber stamping and such. I used to knit a LOT when I was younger and have made socks, mittens, scarves, sweaters, doll clothes when I was a child. I think the last time I finished a project was when my son was a toddler...or maybe a sweater for my husband. I did start a pair of socks a couple of years ago, but one of my needles broke and too many stitches lost to pick it all up and start over. I have been looking into basic crochet patterns lately to make small flowers to use in art journals or greeting cards. I never learned much about crochet because I never liked the end result as much as I did knitting. It does have the advantage for the small flowers though. I've been interested in the art of tatting too, but decided to not go there since I already have enough art supplies around and don't need to start picking up more 'tools' for a new hobby :)

Linda Raymond said...

I like the idea of bedsocks. I haven't heard of them before. I'm going to find myself a cozy pair.