Friday, March 25, 2011

Immigration museum

Dear friends,
I remember when I started this blog my aim was to go to New York and travel far. This is unlikely to happen now but I love the adventures I do go on. I went on another chauffeur driven adventure to the Immigration museum in Melbourne. The chauffeur drove me all the way down Beach Road with beautiful views of the sea and expensive houses. I saw a west african exhibition at the museum. I went to a Japanese restaurant and went around the city streets taking photos of the architecture and fruit stall. what a great time I had. it was as good as New York.
lots of love from susan in australia
PS Found out my dream of going to the Avalon air show can come true. i am going there in 2013 by helicopter! there and back via airport close to my home. i am over the moon about this.
The chauffeur is also taking me to Cirque de soleil. I am so thrilled about all of this. Life can be so good even if some of your dreams don't come true.
What dreams of yours have come true?

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Linda Starr said...

Each day I wake up is a dream come true and my husband is a dream come true too.