Friday, February 11, 2011


Dear friends,
I have been ridiculed as a child and sometimes as an adult. it is hard to move forward when you have been ridiculed. Have you been ridiculed in your life? How did it make you feel?

lots of love from susan in australia


Mary said...

I grew up with a Bully and was ridiculed daily. It made me feel helpless. Year after year of the verbal abuse (accompanied by my Mother's) and I eventually felt totally unworthy. My very being was an embarrassment. I took to hiding.

Jean said...

Hi Susan :)
I responded to this at CCS and then noticed that you have a beautiful blog that I could visit! You have beautiful images and words of wisdom here. I am so glad I stopped by!!
Have a wonderful day in Australia!
Jean :)

PS...the ridicule I remember from childhood was the taunt, "Jean, Jean, String Bean! (because I was so skinny!) LOL!

Jean said...

Also....DO show more of your artwork on the blog!! Please...