Saturday, February 19, 2011

Mental illness

Dear friends,
It's been ages since I wrote about my mental illness here. In 2007 I wrote about it all the time, mostly in zippy mode. I want to write about my trip to the National art gallery by chauffeur driven car. it was fantastic and so less stressful than going in by train. I was so pleased. I hope I can now budget for other similar events. A trip to see my dad's grave, a trip to the museum. I've also put down Mornington and the pool and a helicopter ride.
I am still getting up at 2.30-3.30 am on zippy mornings and sometimes needing a snooze. I am OK with that. I am trying a new med acetyl cysteine that is supposed to help my quiet times. i don't want to try any new meds I like life the way it is.
lots of love from susan in australia
PS A friend is going to NY and I don't need to go anymore. I am happy with my life.

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