Monday, July 19, 2010


Dear friends,
HUGE TIME OF TRANSFORMATION GOING ON. I have been through a strong down time and now in latest zippy. My friend John is down from Queensland and we haven't seen each other for 13 years. We are having a tremendous time together. He would be my closest friend. We are enhancing our friendship so much. Not sure if he is staying here for a while or going back to Queensland soon. It is helping me to focus on the moment and not to get too ahead of myself.
I got a new phone and having fun getting to know how to use it. Successfully sent a couple of text messages and one urgent one to a lady running the Bahai class.
One of my best friends is coming to stay the night and that is a huge step forward for me and what I can deal with.
I also went to the gallery with a close friend and we did really well together. so much so that I went with John yesterday.
Now how will I deal with my next down time. I need to do blogging about it as part of the new idea of discipline. in my next down time I have to keep going with prayers, yoga, gardening, meals, and the daily things i do. I can cut back on internet time but need to do other things. I need to do a little art each day whether I feel like it or not. apparently a lot of my down times is due to lack of stimulation and it is true that I do way less in quiet time. I have tried this before and I just don't bother. this time I have to bother. I will make a memo to be back next week.
lots of love from susan in australia

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Susan Hosken said...

only having occasional email from JOhn which i am blessed to have. suggested phoning but he didn't take up offer. that is ok. we made the most of it in the old days. doesn't want to skype