Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Joining National gallery

Dear friends,
I have been doing so well with my adventures and overcoming my fears little by little. Bolstered by the great experience of going to the zoo I went to the National Gallery of Victoria again and decided to join. One of my friends mentions so many nice stories of coffee in the lounge and relaxing with the paper and free exhibitions.
I joined and had lunch at Persimmon restaurant and had watercress and goats cheese gnocchi and seeded bread....two seeded bread and water. It was wonderful. i was so thrilled. I had the view of the persimmons with and without their leaves. I will add photos tomorrow. Need to keep up to date with photos more with my blog. I will learn how to do that.
I had coffee in the members lounge and it was so civilised and special. I am so blessed.
I saw two exhibitions one on drawing and the other some african art.
Blessed be.
lots of love from susan in australia

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Susan Hosken said...

I have been to the gallery quite a few times since. I am so pleased to be a member and get the book and the members lounge and the discounts