Saturday, September 26, 2009

New coffee and gift shop and going to church again

Dear friends,
I visited a new shop that has arrived in my local shops. It is a gift and coffee shop and I told the lady as I was buying a few things that I don't often have coffee out as I don't enjoy it. The next day I thought why don't I go and be amongst people and do some sketching and that is what I did. I had a delightful time sketching children's toys and had a great conversation with a man with two children about the coming grand final for the footy.
I decided I will do this more on my up days.
I am also planning to go to the Dali exhibition. The last time I went to a Dali exhibition was November 2002 just after I came out of hospital and was still really sick. Any wonder it has taken me a while to get my confidence up to return to seeing Dali again. I may get some good ideas for my art and story telling.
I went to the old Koornang Uniting Church today to hear my friend Susan preach. it was great to see all my old friends there. I got all these grand ideas of going back often but I know I am in an up mode and get grand plans. At least I know this fact now and can just live in the day.
Off to tarot day at a friends. Should be good to see old friends.
I am in a bit of an up mode and the bed is strewn with projects to do. The rest of the house is tidy and I only need to do the dishes before the cleaner comes tomorrow.
I am hoping to email again next SUnday. Sundays is church and days to relax and enjoy.
lots of love from susan in australia


julie Haymaker thompson said...
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julie Haymaker thompson said...

Oh what great way to spend time having coffee

ArtPropelled said...

Your writing is an artform in itself and I do love your fine sketches.

Susan Hosken said...

another tarot day coming up on sunday. The gift shop is still going and is great. I have bought so many things over the time