Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Disappointed but recovering

Dear friends, I have had a bad three weeks and realise I have been pushing too hard and it is unlikely I will be able to travel far for the foreseeable future. I had such high hopes and plans and was organising a 2 day away to a nearby coastal town of Geelong. It would be all too much I realise that. I am also not coping with my house and garden and am looking into a cleaner and gardener to help me out. I feel so disappointed that i haven't been improving more and coping. My wonderful friends including many emailers have been so encouraging these past few days at my realisation that I need to take things easier. Many friends tell me I need to appreciate that I can at least get away overnight. Many people can't even do that. I have email friends who can't get away because they are housebound. I need to be grateful. I now have 4 friends who live in New York where I would love to go so that is a blessing and I still have my beloved Sara jane who is in my novel who lives in New York so I can live through her. I wonder what is on at the MET at the moment!!! Thanks for all your love and support.
lots of love from susan in australia
PS As I am back in zippy mode I am plotting and scheming an idea of going into Melbourne in my next zippy phase. I realize I can't travel far when I am quiet and down but how far can I get in my zippy mode. I'll keep you posted

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Susan Hosken said...

I indeed have gotten into the city and now frequent the National gallery which is fantastic and I go by chauffeur which is even better. Life is good and gets even better