Friday, May 8, 2009

Japanese Mountain Retreat

Dear friend,
I did it, I did it, I did it. I did the challenging drive to Montrose to the Japanese Mountain Retreat. I find all the trucks on the road and the unknown territory a bit scary but I stayed focused and I did it.
The retreat was tremendous. It was a lovely place amidst Australian bushland. I had a hot stone massage, a Japanese banquet, a spa bath by candlelight, drew, read, went for walks. Read my travel book of Japan.
One thing I realised though is my idea of going to a Japanese village for 10 days isn't workable. I'd get too lonely on my own. I was disappointed for a few weeks at the idea of not being able to travel overseas. Then I came upon the idea of New York again and staying at a hotel near the metropolitan Museum of Art and seeing my friends and I thought I can do that. Easy, breezy I can do that. I have already practiced a few overnight stays at motels and have been thinking today of going into Melbourne for a few days as a practice run and as an adventure.
I was going to stay near the zoo for a couple of days but a friend said she'd like to do a day trip so I have made a change of plans.
I feel so inspired this morning at the thought of going to New York and it is closer than I think. I thought it would take me years to get the confidence up but I am confident today. OK Susan one step at a time just lets see how Melbourne goes first. I am deciding when is good to go. I thought August.
Meanwhile I have my next overnight stay planned for Frankston only 30 minutes away. I'll get my car an oil change while I am there.
lots and lots of love from susan in australia


Laura Kay said...

What a beautiful place to visit!! Sounds very relaxing.

Leann said...

My husband just returned from Japan a few weeks ago. He was there for 5 days on business. It was his second time. I was invited to join him, but we have 2 small children and no one would take on the adventure of watching them for 150 hours straight. I wanted you to know that my husband said he will take me there some day....because.... it is beautiful. The gardens and architecture are amazinf and the transit system and signs are very easy to follow. As well most is written in English and most everyone speaks as well. So is you get the courage and the chance I think you can do it! It seems like a wonderful adventure.
So does NY, I have never been and always wanted to go. I'd like to check out ABC carpet and some other shops.
Happy travels.

Susan Hosken said...

I had two comments. there is no way I can do what I had hoped. I can barely get to Williamstown for the afternoon. I am much more realistic. I don't get extreme ideas anymore about my traveling. I am much more moderate thank goodness