Friday, February 13, 2009

Healthier living

Dear friend,
It has been awhile. Yes I am in my latest zippy mode. Don't usually blog when I am quiet and reflective. My latest escapade is to live more healthier. I have thrown out or given away all my cake, biscuits, lollies and cordial. I've bought lots of fruit, vegies and healthy food. I am now walking everyday and doing exercise bike and yoga. I have tried all this before but I weighed myself recently and was so shocked by how much weight i have put on. I also have an overweight friend who has diabetes that is out of control and it scares me to be like her with weight problems and diabetes. My doctor has kindly said he will see me each month to check in. I am really taking it seriously this time. I have tried to think of a program that I can do simply. At the moment the biking and yoga is only a few minutes and easily doable on my quiet time. In my next quiet time I will see how I go and how I can improve things. I will try and blog next time I am quiet to say how I am going.
Are you overweight? Do you have problems with your health because of unhealthy living?
lots of love from susan in australia

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Susan Hosken said...

I did this for 18 months and thought I had done really well and could keep it up but I collapsed and went crazy on eating everything and putting it all back on. I am now 108.5-9 and mum is commenting about my weight a lot. I am doing the best I can