Saturday, December 22, 2007

Not as often as I'd like

I'm not here as often as I would like. A friend was asking about my blogging. I'm on the computer every day but I rarely feel in the mood to blog....maybe once a month which isn't enough if you enjoy popping past to see what I've been doing.
It's been a rough month with incredible fatigue with my chronic fatigue syndrome. I've had to do a lot of lying down and life gets pretty tedious.
I am great when I am feeling mildly manic and zippy whereas the quiet, down time is really challenging. I wonder how other rapid cycling bipolars manage the quiet down times. At times I wish I had a fellow sufferer to chat to. It is hard for friends and family to understand my constant change in moods.
I have been studying the lunar charts more closely lately. I am always up near and at the full moon and I am usually down and quiet for the new moon. I want to learn to be more in tune with the lunar cycle.
That's all for today.
Lots of love from Susan in Australia


Anonymous said...

Hi Susan,

It was me wasn't it? I get the CFS stuff but I'm not so good on what it must feel like to be feeling great one day and down the next. I've got a friend in NSW who has rapidly cycling bipolar as part of her diagnosis and had a misdiagnosis of CFS for years. I'll see what I can do as far as getting you in touch with her.


suzanne said...

Love your little doll...she looks so happy.

Margie said...

I was interested in your comment about the lunar cycle. If you see a connection, do you yield or resist? I'm thinking of my own life where sometimes fighting a thing is infinitely less effective than going with the raging current and then changing course when I get the next chance...

Susan Hosken said...

Dear Margie,
I left a comment on your blog as well. Meanwhile I go with the flow of my moods and the lunar cycle. i find it nearly impossible to try and go against it. When I wake at 4 in the morning I try to put myself back to sleep rather than get up so in that way i try and change it.
Lots of love from Susan in Australia

MILLY said...

Susan, Just been looking through your drawings and seen some lovely work. Love the Japanese doll painting. Hope you are doing well and keeping up with some creative projects.
best wishes Eileen

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan
Just to let you know I "drop in"
now and then to admire your work and see what's news.
I have neglected my every day drawing...have good reson for that...later about that.

keep strong my dear
lots of hugs

Susan Hosken said...

I'll try and do some journaling today in my quiet time. i will add it to my quiet altered book