Sunday, July 29, 2012

thought wonderful

Dear friends, loved this poem. don't know who it is by Can You? Can you, for just a minute leave the white tablecloth, the washing the sorting, the scanning the lists, the date books the .coms, the inbox the goals, the resolutions the plans, the labels, the schedule, the old stories the scars, the scales, the bruises the pains, the aches the what ifs, the should haves the pointing fingers the too small boxes the questions, the containers the dividers, the protectors the sickening paralyzing expectations? Can you, for just a minute hush the voices that howl madly at your old, tired little self? For a brave minute or two can you pry open the bars and listen to the wordless – to the hum between to that which births snowflakes and stars and sighs and moonlit little streams? On this frozen winter night when your heart especially needs warming, I'm wondering can you, for just a minute get quiet enough to hear the silent flutter of this one precious life of this one precious breath?

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