Sunday, June 3, 2012

Cooking challenge

Dear friends, After 10 years I am still trying to be a better cook. I used to be a great cook but since my breakdown it has been a very hard road getting to do even the most basic of meals. I have a few cook books that use four ingredients and working with those. Most of my meals are very simple and I depend a lot on tinned and frozen items. i used to use mostly fresh ingredients particularly when I had a large vegie and fruit garden. I am sharing my cooking journey online with a group of friends and they are being so supportive and they are inspiring me even more. are you a great cook? lots of love from susan JOY

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Anonymous said...

Dear Susan,
your cooking journey sounds like a lovely pursuit.

I think simple meals are best of all. Soup is a beautiful meal and there are so many variations so there is no pressure to make it look a certain way or have a certain texture and if you make too much you can freeze some for another day.

Risotto is another favourite of mine, I think I just like standing and stirring the rice until it is cooked - it is a bit of meditation time. You can throw anything into it, (my favourite is to add some frozen prawns and peas) and bring everything together with a handful of parmesan cheese at the end.

Washing up is the best part of the meal though, I hated that chore when I was a girl but have come to love it over the years, sometimes I save it up for a day or two and do a whole lot at once. I even get all the crystal out of the cabinet sometimes and wash and dry it just because I like to see everything sparkling back in the cabinet. Some people say it is a waste of time but I find these chores very pleasant and soothing to do.

The dishwashing machine is broken at the moment and I am in no hurry to get it fixed, my husband just does not understand why............

Stay warm Susan, love from your friend.