Tuesday, October 4, 2011

More changes

Dear friends,
was going to add my daily emailing to friends here on my blog but decided it isn't a good idea. haven't deleted the more personal blog entries and hope they are OK online. I am in my next zippy phase. thought I was a bit zippy yesterday and really alert as I made changes and ideas for the day. day one of zippy yesterday. I am so pleased I have a day off next week and can go on helicopter ride. I am so pleased. I hope it goes well. I will ring up today and get something sorted. I will make it a short trip first to see how I like it and will take other people if I do. I know Vas is interested.
Oh yes HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME. It is 5th October here.
I don't hear from John so much anymore due to no phones and infrequent emailing. a huge change for me as I loved having frequent contact with him. I will go with the flow with it.
I am having another healing today at Flying souls. I am having a second one with Jane.
Major spiritual changes going on at this time. it is my birthday after all.
i must do a rune reading
lots of love from susan in australia

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