Wednesday, June 29, 2011

home alone

Hello dear friends,
Yes you guessed it I am in my next zippy. My quiet self can't stand blogging. i am amazed I even get on the computer at all but I do love emailing my friends. i love seeing and contacting my friends in all my moods. My latest news is I am getting three new stained glass windows for my home two more either side of the front door in the lounge and bedroom and one in the kitchen. i am so spoiled and so thrilled.
I am enjoying my second course with Brave Girls now that i am in zippy and have started a dream box of all my goals and dreams which i love when I am in zippy. will be interested to see what I do in quiet mode.
I gave my friend a new scarf and she is wearing it to New york. i am thrilled to be part of it all
lots of love from susan in australia

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