Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Changes in friendships

Dear friends,
Just been in another quiet phase so no blogging and no art work. Back into it again as of yesterday. I was at a friends last night from church and she is a new friend and I am amazed at how we are becoming an important part of each others lives. We see each other for a couple of hours each week and we talk and share so much about our lives. I don't see my closest friends as often. It really interests me how much time we spend with different people in our lives. Often those closest to us we spend less time with than other people. I always found working interesting with the way we spend so much time with workmates often more than our families.
Meanwhile I am so grateful for my new found friend and all that our future friendship holds.
lots of love from susan in australia


Dan said...

Susan, I love reading your posts here, they're so calm and gentle, it's like a meditation in blog form.

One of the most incredible things in life is that tomorrow we might meet someone who will change our life with their friendship, love, influence, support. It gives me so much hope!

Keep writing,


Susan Hosken said...

it is so wonderful having your friendship