Friday, February 26, 2010


Dear friends,
I was doing a question a day on a couple of web sites and here on my blog but have had another change in my routines and decided not to blog everyday. I like reading entries so will just check in as the mood strikes me. I have just survived another 3 week quiet flat phase. For the first time I kept a little journal of things that happen during my quiet phase as I find it more difficult to understand whereas zippy and creative is so understandable and visual whereas my quiet phase is more spiritual and quieter. I was fascinated to see that I watch DVDs, read kids books, do cross words, walk more, contact my mum more and visit more. I am more silent and less chatty and don't have the urge to do things. I had the first quiet time where I didn't want to go into zippy I wanted to stay quiet. How strange that was. i am now happily in my next zippy phase with heaps of art work out and things to do and the desire to go on adventures.
Lots of love from susan in australia

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Dan said...

Susan, I love reading how at peace you are with your changes, from quiet to zippy, and how you accept them and see them just as part of who you are.

It is very interesting to journal about our habits and activities, and often surprising that maybe we don't do as much of some things as we think we do, and do more of others that we don't think we do.