Sunday, November 1, 2009


Dear friends, are gifted with many talents. Take time to list some of them down. Look at your newly discovered talents. Do you rejoice in your talents?
I used to really underestimate my talents. Over the past 7 years I have been trying to appreciate the gifts I have. I do very childlike art in my artist journals and I am learning to appreciate my style.

Lots of love from susan in australia


Mixed Media Martyr said...

I have decided the same thing with my art! I think that the things that I don't like about my art will actually end up being the things that make my art look different, they will develop to become my individual signatures.

I feel the same about the fact that I worry that I should be making art that other people like rather than art I like. I think that only making art that other people like will stunt my development as an artist. But forgetting others as much as possible and making art that I like will help me to develop my own style.


Susan Hosken said...

Leanne, thanks for stopping by and commenting. I was pleased to read about you and your art and sharing with others.
lots of love from susan in australia

Susan Hosken said...

Do I have a talent for healing? will I have a paying business doing it? Will I write a book? Saw healers including Shaki and they say yes....I am anxious....I have time.